The first Fight the Growl was a success. Giangelo’s family owned and operated restaurant
kindly held the event in Youngstown, Ohio on September 22, 2019. Frank and Lynn Guerrieri,
business owners, graciously gave ten percent of all dinner receipts from the day towards
Sarah’s cause. The event raised over $500.
Fight the Growl is a campaign that Sarah has created to help pay student lunch debt. She is
joining restaurants across America to host Fight the Growl events with proceeds to go directly to
a local school district to pay off a student(s) lunch debt to ensure they are served lunch and no
student has a growl in their stomach. Having watched first hand as an elementary student
seeing a peer have lunch removed because of their account being in debt, Sarah is determined
to help kids across America.
If you want to join Sarah and help Fight the Growl at your restaurant email
[email protected] .
Enjoy this recap from our first event at Giangelo’s. Thank you for joining us and we cannot wait
to meet more of you across America!
Have the best day ever,


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