I want to impact people locally, nationally and globally. One way to help is  through a movement to help the hungry called, “Fight the Growl.”  I am currently working on this project by connecting with local and national restaurants to collaborate a “night of giving.”  The restaurant managers and I discuss the best way for their business to give towards “Fight the Growl,” whether it is a percentage, creating a specialty meal or dessert.  The most important thing is that we all agree that no student should have their lunch taken away because of debt.   


My first goal is to donate to my local school district lunch program to make sure all students have lunch paid and no one has a growl in their stomach. Then continue to move to various areas across the nation as I travel to “Fight the Growl.”  To find the next Fight the Growl event, visit my events page.    I hope to meet you there to support a cause close to my heart.



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