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Hey, everyone!

If you like to keep up with what is happening in my world, here is a quick reference sheet to save to your phone.  I am super active on social media sites, so be sure to go follow me on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook @sarah_georgiana.

This week I am collaborating with Soel Dancewear on their Instagram Live feed at Noon (EST) from home and doing some of my technique.  Everyone is welcome to join in with me.  Beginners, intermediate, advanced dancers … it does not matter.

Looking forward to seeing you all Friday!


New Role For Sarahg

Monday, April 28, 2020, Sarah made an appearance on the AMC show, “Dispatches From Elsewhere.”  The ten episode TV series was created by Jason Segel and aired this spring.  Sarah was cast as a stunt double for the character, “The Boy,” who was the younger, Jason, on the show.  Emmy award winning choreographer, Kathryn Burns, choreographed the finale piece.

Sarah worked with the prop crew to design the wall that she would practice and learn to do her “wall flip” against.   When asked, how did you feel on set knowing you had to do a trick you had never done before, Sarah replied, ” I was slightly nervous.  Not because of the trick, but because I didn’t want to mess up.  I can do a back tuck and I can do a standing tuck.  I just wanted to make sure I nailed the trick and didn’t disappoint anyone.  They needed me to do this.  It was my job.”

Sarah continued, “Working with Kat was great.  She made the entire process fun while learning.  We quickly felt like a small family.  Even when I had a hard task, she made me feel like I was unstoppable.  Working with her was a dream.”

“I had never pictured myself as a stunt double before, but now, I can.  I have tools that I can definitely use for a stunt double and would consider working as one again in the future.”

If you missed the series, Dispatches from Elsewhere, be sure to check it out.


What’s Happening?

I am so glad you have stopped on by… there are so many exciting things that
happen everyday I want to keep you up to date. Be sure to check out the
EVENTS and remember times are eastern standard time!’’

Every week, I am picking a fan question and answering it
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I have been busy working on my next pieces of merchandise and I cannot wait to release more details soon… and don’t forget I am giving away FREE pop sockets this week.  Details below…

Stay well and find some rays of sunshine everyday to have the best days ever.


April 27

Video Collaboration

Sarah recently had the opportunity to work with LA based choreographer, Jadell Lee, on a project titled, Heal.  This video collaboration was filmed at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jadell and Sarah discuss self-love and community which inspired a project about healing and perseverance. They both agree that inside each individual is a divine purpose to bless and to be blessed.

Check out the video clips as they are released on Jadell Lee (@Jadelllee) and Sarah Georgiana’s (@sarah_georgiana) Instagram pages.

Help me Fight The Growl!

Help me Fight The Growl!

The first Fight the Growl was a success. Giangelo’s family owned and operated restaurant
kindly held the event in Youngstown, Ohio on September 22, 2019. Frank and Lynn Guerrieri,
business owners, graciously gave ten percent of all dinner receipts from the day towards
Sarah’s cause. The event raised over $500.
Fight the Growl is a campaign that Sarah has created to help pay student lunch debt. She is
joining restaurants across America to host Fight the Growl events with proceeds to go directly to
a local school district to pay off a student(s) lunch debt to ensure they are served lunch and no
student has a growl in their stomach. Having watched first hand as an elementary student
seeing a peer have lunch removed because of their account being in debt, Sarah is determined
to help kids across America.
If you want to join Sarah and help Fight the Growl at your restaurant email
[email protected] .
Enjoy this recap from our first event at Giangelo’s. Thank you for joining us and we cannot wait
to meet more of you across America!
Have the best day ever,


Fight the Growl

Fight the Growl

I want to impact people locally, nationally and globally. One way to help is  through a movement to help the hungry called, “Fight the Growl.”  I am currently working on this project by connecting with local and national restaurants to collaborate a “night of giving.”  The restaurant managers and I discuss the best way for their business to give towards “Fight the Growl,” whether it is a percentage, creating a specialty meal or dessert.  The most important thing is that we all agree that no student should have their lunch taken away because of debt.   


My first goal is to donate to my local school district lunch program to make sure all students have lunch paid and no one has a growl in their stomach. Then continue to move to various areas across the nation as I travel to “Fight the Growl.”  To find the next Fight the Growl event, visit my events page.    I hope to meet you there to support a cause close to my heart.



Sarah Georgiana was interviewed by Authority Magazine

Sarah Georgiana was interviewed by Authority Magazine

Sarah Georgiana was interviewed by Authority Magazine about her time on Dance Moms, her goals and the journey.  Take time to check out her responses and learn about his rising star.

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