Monday, April 28, 2020, Sarah made an appearance on the AMC show, “Dispatches From Elsewhere.”  The ten episode TV series was created by Jason Segel and aired this spring.  Sarah was cast as a stunt double for the character, “The Boy,” who was the younger, Jason, on the show.  Emmy award winning choreographer, Kathryn Burns, choreographed the finale piece.

Sarah worked with the prop crew to design the wall that she would practice and learn to do her “wall flip” against.   When asked, how did you feel on set knowing you had to do a trick you had never done before, Sarah replied, ” I was slightly nervous.  Not because of the trick, but because I didn’t want to mess up.  I can do a back tuck and I can do a standing tuck.  I just wanted to make sure I nailed the trick and didn’t disappoint anyone.  They needed me to do this.  It was my job.”

Sarah continued, “Working with Kat was great.  She made the entire process fun while learning.  We quickly felt like a small family.  Even when I had a hard task, she made me feel like I was unstoppable.  Working with her was a dream.”

“I had never pictured myself as a stunt double before, but now, I can.  I have tools that I can definitely use for a stunt double and would consider working as one again in the future.”

If you missed the series, Dispatches from Elsewhere, be sure to check it out.


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